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eGuide on Maternity & Childcare Leave
Maternity Leave Self-assessmnet tool
Childcare Leave Self-assessmnet tool
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eGuide on Maternity & Childcare Leave

This online e-Guide has been created to simplify the process of checking an employee’s entitlement to Maternity Leave and Childcare Leave under the enhanced Marriage & Parenthood (M&P) Package.

At the end of the exercise, entitlement details are provided, together with an explanation on the process for consuming the leave.

You can print out the entitlement details which will give you a permanent record of them, or even email the results to your employer, client or family member. Should you wish to re-calculate entitlement by putting in different information, you may restart the calculator by clicking "Start again" at the end of each exercise.

Click here to calculate your entitlement for Maternity Leave.
Click here to calculate your entitlement for Childcare Leave.

Last updated on 1 May 2013 12:00:00
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